Ethos and Values

Working together we create a ‘can do’ culture which gives children the power to learn, make choices and realise opportunities so that they reach the highest goals and achieve their hopes and dreams both in and beyond school.

To achieve this in a positive ethos which,

Sees the children as the future and puts their learning, independence of thought and action, dreams and goals at its heart.

Values the children as individuals with personal strengths and needs and strives to meet them

promotes parent and community involvement and provides opportunities for them: to impact on the children’s learning; to share in the school’s drive and enthusiasm for learning and to use their skills; further their own learning and share new experiences to build the belief that every child can learn.

Values people resources above all others as the means to communicate effectively and promote dialogue for learning

has quality leadership which shapes the vision for the school both now and for the future

strives for excellent teaching to promote successful learning and the achievement of the highest standards, personally and academically

creates the best possible environment to promote high standards of learning and achievement, independence, self esteem and confidence.